Michigan Battle Cats were a well-known baseball team from Battle creek, Michigan who used to play minor league baseball in the Mid-Western United States in America. They started playing in 1995 and made Battle Creek in the state of Michigan their town. The C.O Brown Stadium in Battle Creek became home to them. Prior to this, the team was first located in the city of Springfield in the state of Illinois and called Springfield Cardinals and after that, they were located in the city of Madison in the state of Wisconsin and known as Madison Hatters in 1994.

When the team moved to Battle Creek they first took the name of Battle Creek golden kazoos in order to form a local affiliation with the city of Kalamazoo in Michigan but later on they had to face a few legal disputes after which they got the name of Michigan Battle cats. However, the team had to change names yet again, in 2003 when they were beginning their affiliation with the New York Yankees they first opted for the name of Battle Creek Yankees which later on changed to South Michigan Devil Rays in 2005. Due to deteriorating attendance, they moved to Midland in Michigan and changed their identity to the Great Lakes Loons.

The love for baseball never died for the people of Battle Creek and the love for this minor league baseball team still also continues. Thou, many years have now passed since the team moved away but their fans still reside in the vicinity of Battle Creek, Michigan. This is the reason that there is still demand the Michigan Battle Cats memorabilia and collectibles. People in Michigan and especially in Battle Creek, make affiliate incomes by selling these collectibles and mementos to the fans of baseball. The die-hard baseball fans want to keep a good collection of the old Michigan Battle Cats baseball bats, balls, gear, caps, shirts and other keepsakes from the baseball matches played in the late 90s by the team. Just like some people collect stamps while some collect antiques, there are some people who are fans of baseball and are willing to pay a handsome amount for the old memorabilia. So if you are someone who has a lot of old collectibles stored away somewhere in a dusty attic then this is one great way to brush away the dust and make those collectibles become a valuable source of revenue for you.